Dounia - Avant-Garde [Video]


So let me quickly introduce you to Dounia... I must have stumbled across this wonderful being, I think sometime earlier this year, with the release of her then recent video for 'Menace'. Dounia's been around on the music scene for a couple of years now however, very much still being discovered. I absolutely love her! She's bold, she's brave and her music is awesome.

Dounia was born in Queens, NY, raised in Morocco as a child, then returned back to New York as a teen. She's definitely not your average, as a teenager she garnered a mass of popularity on social media, for her activism against people of colour and ongoing openness around body positivity. There are so many young women living life, wishing they were someone else. It's really important for there to be role models such as Dounia, to help steer young people towards self love.

Over the last couple of years, the activist turned singer has released a collection of music independently. She returns this month with 'Avant-Garde,' singing in reference to herself being able to authentically express her individuality because it's pure, whilst other girls come off as corny trying to be something they are not. The track was produced by Donato, whilst the visuals were directed and edited by Dounia herself. Check her out, you will not be disappointed...