A$AP Rocky - Praise The Lord (Da Shine) feat. Skepta [Video]


New York City meets London in the latest A$AP Mob and Boy Better Know crossover. A$AP Rocky and Skepta team up here on one of the catchiest beats of the summer, produced by Skeppy himself. 

With split-screen direction from Dexter Navy - renowned for his trippy visuals (see Rocky’s L$D video) - the fluorescent haziness and cool tones of the ‘Praise The Lord’ video appease two cities together, the rappers going about a similar day on the block, in their respective hometowns of Harlem and Tottenham, until their rendezvous in NYC.

Reaching over 15 million views to date, the popular track comes from Rocky’s highly anticipated third studio album ‘Testing,’ the successor to recent collaboration albums with other members of the Mob family. 

With a flute sample from the video game ‘Rome: Total War,’ Rocky describes ‘Praise The Lord’ as “nostalgic” with an amalgamation of inspirations. Skepta was inspired by DMX’s flow on 2001 track, ‘Who We Be,’ as confirmed by Rocky’s episode on Verified, a Youtube series by hip-hop site Genius. Rocky stated, “[Skepta] paid homage to X in such a slick, fly way. [He] bodied that.”

It was also mentioned that the the pair were tripping off LSD, whilst writing their rhymes at A$AP Rocky’s spot in London, with Rocky calling in a psychedelic professor to monitor and record the experience, “to actually test the product, whilst being tested on,” claimed Rocky.