What We Wear Spring / Summer 2019 Menswear


With the biggest global sporting event in the world approaching, what better way to honour the World Cup than to produce a collection, inspired by 1970s - 1990s sportswear.

The ethos for What We Wear, created by British-born music artist and designer Tinie Tempah, is simple; clothing inspired by the modern man’s wardrobe. Whether that modern man is David Beckham or Idris Elba, functionality and simplicity runs through the brand and sophisticatedly compliments many male (and female) silhouettes.

The collection which Tinie entitled The Real World of “workwear for the modern, stylish man,” featured smart-casual pinstriped tracksuits, tie dye effect prints and vibrant rain macs, in canary yellow and turquoise. Among the colour scheme was an unexpected pop of bright candy red and blue, in the form of a two piece in a material echoing a short angora and felt mix.


Also featured throughout was one of summer’s hottest hues. Yes, believe it or not, orange is STILL the new black and it seems unwavering for the rest of 2018. Finally, as a simple touch, every ankle or calf was covered in the WWW signature socks, just in case you’d forgotten for a moment who the models were representing and most importantly, what they wear. 

All images via londonfashionweekmens.com & whatwewear.com

All images via londonfashionweekmens.com & whatwewear.com