Idris Jones - Prelude [Video]

Idris Jones

Idris Jones

‘Prelude’ serves as the perfect title, for our introduction to the sounds of Idris Jones. Based between Stoke on Trent and London, Idris is an independent artist who has teamed up with music alias, producer and close friend Soyas, to create their first official single release together.

The visual for ‘Prelude’ sees Idris Jones diverge away from the familiar aesthetic of current UK hip-hop, reworking the formula often used to create a trendy rap record. Speaking to videographer and creative director Supanika Richmond about their collective ideas behind the visual she said, “we wanted to place a focus on the punchy delivery but place [the video] in a very calm and beautiful setting. We shot the video around the Seven Sisters Cliff area (Sussex) and this sort of added this rebirth ‘stripped-back’ experience, with it being in a coastal environment.”

Idris Jones’ music is driven by the tonal depth of the production, which aids to his punchy delivery. Often addressing relationship issues and reconnecting himself to the memories spent living in a small city up north, his lyrics speak to a core community living in similar environments across the country.

Jones is back from a short hiatus and welcoming his new partnership with Soyas. ‘Prelude’ is available to stream and buy now.