The return of Roses Gabor… Illusions feat. SAMPHA | Stuff | I Could Be Yours [Videos]

Roses Gabor_DSTNGR.jpg

Roses Gabor is no stranger to the music scene. An eclectic artist with bags of creativity, so much so that it sometimes goes misunderstood. It’s no secret that Roses was one of the first UK artist’s to bring a different sound to the UK music scene. A sound that wasn’t quite recognisable, one unable to be boxed… is it electro-pop, dance music, soul… what is it? Her creativity went beyond sound, her style was unique and subject matters risky. Her subtle and soulful voice which was borrowed by many, Gorillaz, SBTRKT and Shy FX to name a few, just goes to show the depth and credibility she held within the industry.

After a handful of years, mainly being behind the scenes and working on projects other than her own, Roses Gabor makes a return with the release of three singles. The first released in August, featuring singer-songwriter SAMPHA. ‘Illusions’ depicts the perceptions of love and the struggles of not knowing the real truth. The gold and brown toned visuals showcase the illusion of calm, with an insight to the unseen trauma’s of the mind.

‘Stuff,’ released last month I must say is my favourite and quite different to Roses usual sound. Saying this, I quite like this vibe for the singer, it suits her well. Sexy R&B vocals over a smooth hip-hop production, unexpected (for Roses) but awesome. ‘Stuff’ delves into the insecurities one may have, which leads to inappropriate behaviours that cause problems within relationships. The visuals… SICK! Take a dark room, one/two lights, a projector and there you have it… a simple but incredibly effective video to bring this tune to life.

The final of the three releases is ‘I Could Be Yours,’ a beautiful electro-pop infused song about the fear’s behind falling in love. Directed by photographer and director Sophie Jones, Roses is parked up in a vintage car, in the middle of a field, gazing into the distance whilst performing the messages within her song. Amongst her, we are treated to outbursts of different emotions, through movement and contemporary dance, showcasing the feelings, fears and frustrations of falling in love. The visuals are stunning, adding greatly to the depth of new works from Roses.

Overall, the return of Roses Gabor is a good one. The musical direction is strong and as always, her creativeness speaks volumes. I’m very keen to hear and see what she gives us next and on that note, her debut album ‘ Fantasy & Facts’ is available to pre-order now.