Palace Ralph Lauren Collection... but is it already sold out?

Palace Ralph Lauren _DSTNGR_1.jpg

The latest collab to send streetwear fans heartbeat a flutter and rightly so… hence why we are hearing it’s already sold out!

There are obvious parallels to be drawn between the most notable high fashion and streetwear collab of late (cough Louis Vuitton x Supreme) and this upcoming release however, it should be allowed on its own merit. For brands to stay culturally relevant, this kind of collaboration is only going to become more prevalent and let’s be honest, it does make sense right.

Polo Ralph Lauren has been a staple of streetwear kingpins before the phrase was even coined. Take any East London house party from over the past 10 years and count me the number of shirts, with that iconic logo emblazoned; oversized and old school still. As a brand, they have flirted with the idea of streetwear before the 90s logo mania was prevalent, throughout the ‘Downhill Skier Collection’ to drop one name. Yet this is the first time, we’ve seen a true dive into fashion’s hottest topic (notes the number of times streetwear has been dropped in this article alone). The result? Really quite beautiful. Not only is the campaign shot by David Sims, the collection is one that transcends age and gives feelings to fashion junkies of all demographics.

Palace Ralph Lauren _DSTNGR_11.jpg

So about this campaign… visually satisfying, featuring Palace’s old faithfuls such as skateboarder Lucien Clarke. Situated in a wonderfully classic American desert scene, with a horse clearing an old school rally car. Further echoed in the video content, a beautiful dichotomy of new and tradition. It’s superb and couldn’t be a better nod to each brand.

Moving on to the collection and again, we’re not disappointed. This marks a mature design direction for Palace, with puffas (a certified streetwear staple, of course) in rich corduroy, co-branded loafers, Harrington’s and silk pyjamas. The shirts are understandably a key component to the collection, with various check iterations, making up a big percentage of the overall offering, alongside the rugby’s, hats, decks and even a teddy bear. Palace founders Lev Tanju and Gareth Skewis spoke with The Business of Fashion, to share their admiration and inspiration for the collaboration. The pair stated that Polo is a brand that can be worn for all occasions. This Palace Ralph Lauren collection appears to echo this mentality wholeheartedly.

The collaboration officially launched on Friday November 9th and was available via both Palace and Ralph Lauren stores. If you are fortunate, there may still be a piece or two still knocking around but in all honesty… it may be very unlikely.