GoldLink - Got Friends feat. Miguel [Video]

Photography by Jack Risbridger

Photography by Jack Risbridger

D.C rapper GoldLink dropped a supernatural inspired music video for ‘Got Friends’ featuring Miguel. The song was written by GoldLink whilst in London, completely inspired by one of his homegirls.

“I challenged myself by telling a story I wouldn’t usually tell about a personal encounter and the thought process that came with it.” States GoldLink in the footnoted version of the music video.

The 5-minute clip was directed by Christian Sutton and shot in LA, California with inspiration taking from a number of well known films, TV series and music visuals. The opening scene was inspired by Childish Gambino’s ‘Sweatpants’ music video and also shot in the same diner. There are also key visual references taken from David Glover’s ‘Atlanta’ TV series.

The video features a Thriller themed storyline, in which we see a group of ladies (Day Sulan, Briana Wilson and Bria Myles), leaving a diner after rejecting male attention however, not realising that the group of guys including Miguel, Darrell Britt-Gibson, Jordan Jones as well as GoldLink are in fact all missing people. As the women stop off at a party, Briana Wilson is suddenly flung into the air and Jordan Jones reveals himself as a vampire. Day and Bria run for their lives but Day is levitated into the sky, as we see Miguel and his supernatural powers come into play. This moment in the visual was inspired by the 2017 film ‘It.’

Throughout the video, you may be thinking where is GoldLink? But he is there, you just have to watch very closely! Check out the video below and be sure to watch the footnoted version, with in depth details on how the video concept was brought to life.